General Information

This project is totally yours!

Ağaoğlu carried out a survey with 50.000 people with the aim of determining the expectations of those desiring to have a house before it realized My Towerland project. By stating the features of their dream house, participants shaped My Towerland with their responses.

While the 50.000 people participating in the survey indicated that they wanted to have large living rooms and bedrooms with optimum use of sqm. The general expectation was towards a breathing, comfortable and refreshing home environment with a beautiful view.

Turkey's architecture of life Ağaoğlu designed and realized this project totally in line with consumer demands with the purpose of providing for expectations at the highest possible level. In short, My Towerland was shaped by our people who always deserve the best.


Ağaoğlu, which set off as Akdeniz İnşaat in 1981, has become one of the leader establishments of Turkey in many areas by creating value with its understanding of fast and high quality service in tourism and service industries. Ağaoğlu, which constructs new centers of life with its projects has proven to the entire Turkey that it is a pioneer establishment of the industries it serves.

My World provided and immaculately designed architectural concept and technological infrastructure to 15.000 privileged people with a life area of 1.000.000 sqm, as well as all kinds of social, cultural and sportive facilities.

Now another new project is added to Ağaoğlu projects which takes into account everything in detail from modern architectural vision to advanced infrastructure, from safety to  comfort, security and quality. Again, a world as big as dreams yet beyond dreams and time. We are talking about the 2nd largest project of Ağaoğlu in Ataşehir, called, My Towerland. Very soon, you will meet the architecture and lifestyle of the 21st Century. When you get to know My Towerland better, you will clearly see why this project is referred to as the “architecture of the future”.


As a region which developed rapidly in a very short time, Ataşehir has become Istanbul's financial center and the symbol of modern urbanization. On the rise with the real estate industry in recent years, Ataşehir also set an example for the constructions developing around it. Ataşehir experienced a demand boom especially after the Marmara earthquake and symbolized with a slogan of 'A City to Live in'. This situation also affected the new settlements emerging around it. It suddenly became the artery of a vast region with construction of tens of thousands residences and the connection of transportation lines of neighboring districts to Ataşehir Square.

Today, Ataşehir is one of Istanbul's most important brand values and a developing distinguished center with its shopping centers, hospitals, schools and social facility areas. It is also the financial center of the future with the prospect of Central Bank of Turkey being moved to within its borders. Ataşehir is the favorite of the present and the future with its peaceful atmosphere away from the stress of the city, its earthquake-resistant geography and transportation facilities.

Ataşehir is located at an ideal location providing ease of transport to business centers on Asian and European sides of Istanbul. It provides a series of commercial and daily activity alternatives. It provides fast and direct transport to Istanbul's most important express way, ring road TEM and E-5 highway. The Bosphorus bridge can easily be reached on Ataşehir express way. It is at a short driving distance to business centre area and close to more than one public transportation facilities.


Architecture of life Ağaoğlu raises our expectations about the life style we dream of. It also leads the way in Ataşehir, one of Istanbul's most important centers of life: My Towerland.  My Towerland, the second largest project of Ağaoğlu to be realized in Ataşehir after My World, is not only an area of living but it provides a brand new understanding of living.

My Towerland, which is constructed in the most valuable region of Ataşehir, is distinguished from those of its own kind with its modern and original view. It opens the door to a new life for those who succeed in being at the top in all areas of life.  

By combining the location of its land with the height of its towers, My Towerland provides you the opportunity of viewing Istanbul's beauty and the deepest blue of the sea in all its glory.

Ağaoğlu maintains its philosophy of being an architect of life with My Towerland by using years of experience and a modern line; it represents the dream land as boundless as the sky to Ataşehir: My Towerland.