You may be surprised by what you see. How about those you do not see?

The 24-hour security at the entrance to the site has all kinds of equipment for you to live in peace. A parking garage for 1 car for 1+1 and 2+1 apartments and for 2 cars for 3+1, 4+1 and 2+1 e-type apartments allows you to park your car safely. There is also an outdoor swimming plan for each block according to their projects. Similarly, floor gardens appropriate for the project allow you the opportunity to live in nature. Besides, automatic irrigation systems are used in these gardens. All you need to do is to enjoy these gardens.

A technology base in your home.

All opportunities of technology are at your command. There are 2 external telephone lines in every apartment appropriate for the project. Similarly, each apartment is offered equipped with the visual intercom system which provides communication with the building entrance. You will discover a digital TV infrastructure which provides the facility of easy installation for you to watch digital broadcasts, a generator system which comes into operation in case of power cut, an emergency announcement system which automatically operates in emergency situations and many other technological innovations.